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Division Profile

Menarini OTC Division deals with the sector of drugs for self-medication

The mission

To offer effective solutions for the symptomatic treatment of the so-called “minor” ailments, i.e. those easily recognisable by all of us and which are transitory in nature.

Menarini OTC Division thus proposes pharmaceutical remedies which do not need a prescription and can therefore be selected and bought by the citizen directly or following the doctor’s or pharmacist’s recommendation.

What is Self-medication ?

Self-medication is a process of caring for one’s own health, starting with thediagnosis of a problem or the desire to prevent. Self-medication is the adoption of a series of interventions without the need for a physician. Self-medication is in fact a form of symptomatic treatment of the so-called “minor” ailments and does not require a medical diagnosis. The processes of self-medication are many and varied.The term self-medication usually means the use of over-the-counter (OTC) drugs.