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The World of Menarini Apps

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At the heart of our values
Discover the application that illustrates the values of the “World of Menarini.” It is a daily look at the actions and concrete commitment of the company’s women and men who are instrumental in making Menarini what it is today.
Diary of my pregnancy
Experience your pregnancy, sharing all the special moments with your closest friends: from the first ultrasound, to your first maternity dress, to the cradle you have chosen. Discover how sweet and fun it can be to let everyone know about all the projects you have for your baby’s room or whether it will be a girl or a boy.
My first diary
Record the some of the best moments of your baby’s infancy: when your baby laughs, cries or makes a funny face. Have fun sharing your baby’s “first moments” and lots of other heart-warming events with your loved ones. From the first bottle to the first pair of shoes, from the first smile and to the first step.
As smooth as silk
With the 'As smooth as Silk' App you can airbrush your photos, eliminating all the flaws or imperfections! A smoother skin for a smoother life! Afraid to share a photo that you liked so much due to a blemish on your face that just ruins it all? No worries! With this new app, you can get rid of any flaw or imperfection!
GlucoLog Mobile
This is app connects your meter to your Smartphone: it transfers data from meter to mobile phone and allows you to send them in text messages to your physician or healthcare operator. The app transfers data from the meter to the tablet or smartphone via Wi-Fi with the GlucoLog B.T. device.
GlucoLog Lite
This is app keeps your Blood Glucose Diary updated in order have everything under control while on the move: it records the level of your blood glucose and ß-ketones, analysing their trends and variations. This app transfers data from the meter to the tablet r smartphone via Wi-Fi with the GlucoLog B.T. device.
The MyKey App is an application which allows you to enter the world of 'MyKey', the revolutionary Expert Management System through which you can interact with the pathologist during the diagnosis phase, providing you with differentiated data management platforms based on a combination of knowledge and experience
GlucoLog Kids&Teens Diabetes
This app is a helpful quick guide to provide assistance to diabetic kids and teenagers in many different situations of their everyday life. The app has been developed in cooperation with Prof. Maurizio Vanelli, MD Professor of Pediatrics, President of the Society of Medicine and Natural Sciences of Parma, Editor in Chief of Acta Biomedica and Expert on Food and Nutrition in Pediatrics at the University Center for Sport and Exercise Medicine of the University of Parma, Italy.

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